Giving FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is HRC a 501 (c)3?
HighRidge Church is recognized as a 501(c)3 organization with a Religious Exemption. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Q: How is the ministry of the church funded?
The ministry of HighRidge Church is funded by the regular tithes and offerings of the church family. These can be given in the Weekend Services, through Online Giving, setting up Recurring Giving, or Texting.

Q: Does HighRidge Church give to missions?
10% of all unrestricted contributions are given to support both local and global outreach.

Q: Does HighRidge Church have a budget?
Yes. Each year in October we begin financial planning for the upcoming year. The elders approve the budget in December, and it is implemented in January.

Q: How is the budget determined? What is the overall budget for this year?
In preparing the budget, we begin by looking at what we expect to come in through tithes and offerings based on trends, but we also pray and seek God for wisdom on what to anticipate (He may stretch our faith!). Then we ask God for direction regarding the ministries and activities we should engage in the next year, and set targets for each department. Each department will then allocate those funds for regular ministry activities and expenses.

Q: What are HRC’s financial accountability standards?
HRC’s finance department accounts for church finances based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), maintaining recommended internal controls and segregation duties. Monthly reports are prepared by a licensed CPA and reviewed by elders.

Q: How can I get access to my giving history?
Your giving history is accessible at any time online. Click on the “Give Now” link. 1. Create an account. [If you already have an account, go to step 2.] 2. If you’re not logged in, you’ll be prompted to log in first. 3. Click on “My Profile,” and scroll down to “Donation History.”

Q: How are expenditures approved?
Every penny that is spent at HighRidge is first approved by Department Heads. Additionally, certain items need approval from the Administrative Pastor to continue through the approval process. Finally, the Administrative Pastor evaluates each expense along with its supporting documentation to ensure proper coding before being paid. Once checks are issued, two check signers (approved by the Elders) look through the documentation for each check and sign. The checks are then disbursed.

Q: Does HighRidge Church send end-of-year contribution statements to its tithers and givers?
Yes. Your contribution statement will be sent via e-mail (or mailed if no e-mail address has been provided) on or before January 31st of the following year.