Group Leader Resources

HRC Group Leader Resources

Resources to help you become an excellent HRC group leader.

Commonly used tools for leading:

Groups semester timeline for the year 2024 – See all of the important dates for every semester throughout the year.
Group submission form – Used to submit your group idea for the next group semester.
Childcare reimbursement procedure – Explains how we do childcare reimbursement.
Group childcare reimbursement form – Provided as a benefit to those who are willing to offer childcare for their group.
Group care and prayer form – Used to let leadership know of any needs in your group.
HRC Worship Playlist – Used to provide a time of worship for your group if you choose. Also used to provide background music if you choose.
Group Leader FAQs – Answers to your most common questions.

Tools for Freedom leaders:

Freedom Week One Video
Freedom Week Four Video
Freedom Week Eight Video
Freedom Leadership Guide

All Other Leadership Resources

Meet Your Group Coaches and Community Leaders:
John and Karen Bull
John and Donna Procell

Community Leaders:
Freedom – Matei and Celena Socoteanu
Married Life – Paul and Leighann Holloway
Men – Pastor James Williams
Women – Tina Ingram

Note – All of our group leadership resources are categorized under one of our Four Faces of an Excellent Group Leader.
1. The Face of Vision
2. The Face of Leadership
3. The Face of Faith
4. The Face of Compassion

The Face of Vision – Resources to help you understand the purpose and value of groups and your value as a group leader.

Recommended reading: We have theseĀ 
Why small groups? – Read about why small groups are so important here at HRC.
No Perfect People Allowed – John Burke (Author)

The Face of Leadership – Resources to help you lead and host a small group meeting with excellence.

Practical Skills for leading a Small Group – Making the most of your time (Deena Shelton, PhD)
Small Group Serial Killers – How to deal with difficult people in your group (Deena Shelton, PhD)
Practical Communication for Leaders – (Deena Shelton, PhD)
Coaching – How to help people grow.
Ice Breaker Ideas for Your Group – Use these to help people feel connected in your group.

Recommended Small Group Studies:
For the Men’s Community
For the Women’s Community
For the Married Life Community
For the Freedom Community
For Any Adult Group

The Face of Faith – Resources to help you answer the tough questions, pray the appropriate prayer, and take the appropriate action.

Recommended reading:
The Bait of Satan – John Bevere (Author)
Greater Than – Tim Ingram (Author)
Unshockable Love – John Burke (Author)

Topical Prayer Guides:
Praying power packed prayers
Praying for those struggling with addiction
Praying for those struggling with mental heath issues
Praying for those struggling with singleness
Praying for those dealing with grief
Praying for those struggling with eating disorders

Situation Guides:

Dealing With Hard Topics:
Same sex relationships
Living under authority

The Face of Compassion – Resources to help you be the excellent leader that people need.

Key Relationships – Podcast with Craig Groeschel and John Townsend
Understanding True Empathy!
How to C.A.R.E.
Helping in Crises – What you should NOT do or say!