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Next Steps is our six-step process to help launch you into your God-given destiny. It provides practical steps to help people grow and progress in their spiritual journey. You are an important part of God’s plan, and your life will never make sense until you discover your purpose! Learn more about each step below.

Taking these steps will help you Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose and Make a Difference.


Relationship with God begins the moment you acknowledge what Christ has done for you, pray to receive Him into your life, repent of your sins and confess your faith in Him. Have you prayed to receive Jesus recently? Let us know! Click on this link and drop us a note. [Scriptures: John 14:6 | Acts 4:11-12 | 2 Corinthians 5:17 | Matthew 16:25]


Water baptism is an outward expression of an inward change. After you have committed your life to Christ, your next step in your spiritual journey is obedience through water baptism. Sign up for the next Baptism Service here. [Scriptures: Colossians 2:12 | Acts 2:41 | Acts 8:12 | Romans 6:4 | Mark 1:9 | Matthew 28:19 | Matthew 3:16]   


Groups are how we do ministry. They are a great way to build life-giving relationships, to find freedom and to use your gifts. This makes a big church stay small. Find our more about Groups here. [Scripture: Acts 5:42]


Whether you’ve never been to church or are looking for a place to call home, you are welcome here at HighRidge. If you want to be a part of all God is doing here, we invite you to become a member by attending our four-part Growth Track. You can jump in on any week! Find the next Growth Track session here.


God created each of us uniquely with spiritual gifts to be used to serve others. Use your gifts to make a difference! Find out more about serving here[Scripture: Mark 10:45]


Leadership is simply influence! If you are actively encouraging others and helping them grow in their relationship with Christ you are a leader. Find out more about leadership at HighRidge Longview by attending our Growth Track, or read more here. [Scriptures: Matthew 28:18-20 | Hebrews 13:7]

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